Ice Diving


Ice Diving

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If extreme, unusual and challenging adventure appeals to you, why not become one of few that experiences scuba diving under a solid ceiling of ice? Visibility can easily reach 100ft and sunlight shining through the ice is otherworldly and unforgettable. At the end of your dive, play with silvery exhaled bubbles and try running upside-down beneath the ice!

Diving under ice presents all the risks and hazards associated with diving in an overhead environment, plus the additional hazard of extreme cold, both in and out of the water. This is why specialized training in ice diving equipment and procedures is crucial. Teamwork is essential for ice diving, so you’ll begin by learning the roles and responsibilities of support personnel, line tenders and safety divers. You’ll discuss types of ice, site selection and preparation, the effects of cold, equipment issues unique to the cold water environment, and emergency procedures. During the supervised dives you will practice:

  • Preparing the dive site
  • Using specialized ice diving equipment and safety lines
  • Signals and communications, along with line tending
  • Handling problems and safety diver procedures
  • Clearing and marking the ice hole when the dive is over

Once you are a fully qualified Ice Diver you will truly be able to dive year-round and, obviously, you’ll have an adventure story and bragging rights! And as a bonus – you will be able to scuba dive on your next trip to the Arctic or Antarctic!

Prerequisites: Open Water and Drysuit certifications (minimum 30 logged dives)
Required Equipment: Redundant gas supply, Cold water regulators (inquire for details)
Recommended: Argon drysuit inflation system


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