Intersorb 812




Intersorb 812 – 45lb Keg     Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda limes are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the NATO standard STANAG 1411. Furthermore, the packaging in which they are contained ensures they maintain compliance with this standard while sealed and unopened for five years from the date of manufacture. However, once the packaging of Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda lime is opened, it is the responsibility of the user/dealer/owner to ensure that the product is used in the appropriate diving equipment and in the appropriate way, according to the instructions for use provided with the diving equipment. The manufacturer of Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda limes cannot and will not take responsibility for incorrect use or storage, or products that have exceeded the expiration date stated on the product.   Intersorb® 812 is a conventional soda lime Carbon Dioxide (CO2) absorbent comprised of short porous strands. Available as an 8–12 mesh particle size to maximise CO2 capacity, for those divers requiring a longer dive duration. • Particle size – 8–12 Mesh (1.5mm to 2.5mm) • Higher CO2 capacity and longer duration compared to larger particle size products • STANAG 1411 – Meets Grade A specifications for the NATO standard • EN14143 – Meets the standard