Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT OC/CC w/ Fischer Port


Rugged and Reliable

The Petrel 2 Fischer features all the modes of the Petrel 2 and incorporates a fischer connector for integration into rebreathers for primary or redundant PPO2 monitoring with full decompression.

The Petrel 2 is the next generation in rugged and reliable technical diving
computers from Shearwater Research. Available with or without Fischer
connector, it clearly presents all the information you need to see at a glance.
Whether you are diving a rebreather, twins or side mount, you can rely on the
Shearwater Petrel 2 during your next expedition.


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Multiple Diving Modes


Petrel 2 Nitrox Dive Computer OC Recreational Mode Screen

OC Recreational

Three gas nitrox computer with features for the serious recreational diving enthusiast. Includes adaptive safety stop and NDL bar graph

Petrel 2 Tech Dive Computer OC Technical Mode

OC Technical

5 OC gases Trimix enabled by default

Petrel 2 Rebreather Dive Computer CC Mode


5 OC/5 CC gases
Trimix enabled
Constant PO2 for closed circuit

tech dive computer

External Monitoring

Real time PPO2 monitoring of 1 – 3 O2 sensors
This includes semi-closed rebreathers

nerd digital compass on technical dive computer

Digital Compass

Optional 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
Available in all modes

tech diving computer gauge mode


Depth, time, resettable stop watch function
Full dive logging