Many divers are not aware that some of the world’s best wreck diving is right here under their noses. The area South of Long Island and East of New Jersey is known as Wreck Valley for good reason – it’s littered with shipwrecks of every size and description. Ours is a very different kind of wreck diving than what you may have experienced on vacation in the tropics, but we think it’s about the most exciting diving there is. There is something for just about every diver here in Wreck Valley. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, observing marine life, exploring wrecks, collecting artifacts, hunting, photography, or you just enjoy being in the water, it can be done here. The local diving season lasts from April through November, though some people dive year round. Numerous boats in Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey visit wrecks between 20 minutes to 7 hours away on Saturdays and Sundays; some boats also go out during the week. There are also many opportunities for beach/shore diving.

We share our charters with Gotham Divers, see the charters page for more details.

If you prefer fresh water, Willow Springs, Lake Allure and Round Valley are great destinations to start with. A day of local diving takes you to a completely different world, and is like a mini-vacation.


Local Dive Sites

When it comes to local diving, NJ Swim and Scuba is your best resource.