PSR‑11‑39‑MD Oxygen Sensor (R‑22D)



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Replacement sensor for Prism, Prism 2, Optima, Inspiration rebreather, KISS rebreather, and many more…

Advanced galvanic type oxygen sensor with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. All sensors are subjected to the most extensive stability test, output in air, 30″ of water column pressure test and stability at 100% oxygen. The widest range of oxygen sensors offered by Analytical Industries, Inc. are “Made in USA”


Analytical Instruments Sensor Testing

  • Each sensor is individually tested in air and pure Oxygen down to 1.6ata.
  • Test results are included with each sensor.
  • Sensors shipped in a sealed package.


  • Range: 0-100% Oxygen
  • Signal Output: 8.5 – 13mV
  • Response Time 90%: 6seconds
  • Expected Life: 42 months
  • Warranty 12 months
  • These sensors have a hydrophobic membrane at the inlet, has a coated board, and uses a Molex connector.
  • Replacement cell for the Teledyne R22D Sensor